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Why Choose......
The Gas Xchange

Q1. Why?

Why was The Gas Xchange formed?​

Well the current market offering didn't meet safety, quality and industry led standards, needed in the Fire Industry associated with the risks and environments often protected using Fire Extinguishing Systems Cylinders, so a gap in the market was identified and The Gas Xchange was born........



How does The Gas Xchange offer anything different?

The Gas Xchange is based on the following ethos:


This means what we offer is OEM approved, certified and audited, safe, long lasting and fit for purpose as well as reliable in its time of need for a critical environment.

Because The Gas Xchange believe in the above it means we do everything we offer in house, using state of the art equipment and strict OEM processes and procedures. We have a great team of people utilising some 70 years plus in the industry collectively, ensuring what your supplied with is the best it can possibly be.



The Gas Xchange can offer a wide spectrum of services to the fire industry.

This includes but not limited to:

Inert, Co2, Foam, Novec 1230 & FM200 First Fill

Inert, Co2, Foam, Novec 1230 & FM200 Service Exchange

Reactive Post Discharge Refilling

Safe & Certificated Disposal 

Dedicated bespoke ADR Transport

Hydrostatic Testing & Cylinder Refurbishment 

Bulk Agent Supply - Inert, Co2, Novec 1230 & FM200

The Gas Xchange......
Your OEM approved cylinder solutions partner

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