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Service Exchange

Certified, Approved, Audited

The Gas Xchange can offer service exchange solutions that meet OEM standards and requirements.

Utilising our brand new state of the art filling facility, we have the capacity to fulfil orders in a timely manner, to the highest of standards.

We have the ability to hydrostatically test, paint, refurbish the valve to OEM standards using OEM parts, fill and check all in house.

Our state of the art equipment ensures that we can inspect, test and thoroughly dry to the highest of quality and approval standards.

We are trained in both ADR & DOT approval schemes.

If the system is no longer supported by the OEM, then we are not able to offer service exchange and recommend the system be disposed of safely.

If the system is still supported by the OEM, then we always supply new OEM valves for Inert offering and fully approved OEM refurbished valves for Chemical offering each and every time.

Service Exchange solutions offering:

IG55, IG541, IG01, IG100, Co2, N2, Ar, Novec 1230, FM200, HFC23

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